Turbocharger (Katerini, GR)
City Katerini
Created 2014
Nick Drums
Socrates Guitar
Dimitris Archontidis Guitar/Vocals
Kostas Bass
Vangelis Prop artist
Bio Turbocharger were create on November 2014 from Dimitris Archontidis (guitar/vocals), Nikos Neke (drums) and Kostas Yanchios (bass). Having their love for Motorhead, Zeke, AC/DC etc as common ground, the band got into Heavy-Full Speed R’N’R. After a year of live performances, they started recording their first EP, “Heavy Rock n’ Roll Machine” during the summer of 2015 and released it in 2016. Recordings took place in Dare Studio in Katerini (GR) and mix/mastering was made by Dimitris Duvras (Lunatech sounds studio), with whom they are still collaborating today. Live performances go on, without any intention of slowing down! By the end of March 2023, the first full length album, “High Octane Monster” is set to be released in vinyl format. We are Turbocharger and we play for R’N’R


Heavy RnR Machine (EP, 2016)
Heavy R n’ R machine (EP, 2016)

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Decibel Rebel Festival 11/03/2023 Kavala Brickwall Pub Brickwall Pub
Turbocharger, Warning! 2/4/2023 Athens Bad Tooth Bad Tooth